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I enrolled in this project as a last attempt at grasping the English language. I was very insecure in my first class. I thought I would not be able to find comfortability to speak, but the charisma, patience and dedication of the tutor quickly changed my perspective; so much so that I did not want the class to end. Overcoming these previous obstacles encouraged me to continue onward and learn more every day. In a few months I went from knowing a much basic level of English to intermediate. Soulphia has made such an impact my life.

Rosa Souza

The Soulphia project is incredible! I had a great barrier when speaking English, and now I feel more confident! I did not learn everything quickly, but they helped me bring to the surface what I already had inside me. It has made me take a big leap in my conversation. English for me has never been easy, but the interaction with the tutors, the positive energy of the lesson, the disposition, the dynamics and the purpose, gave me me more courage to advance my goal of reaching fluency someday.

Patricia Schuindt

Taking English classes at Soulphia was the best decision I could have ever made. The classes have been greatly intellectual since the beginning. The classes are conducted through live audio and video. I had hoped it would be a good course, but it is much more than that. I've been studying English since I was 10 and I must say, that these are the best English classes I've had in my entire life. After a few weeks, my pronunciation of many words are much clearer and I have made fewer mistakes whenever I speak.

Frederico Costa

Soulphia is an incredible project, it's the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to make improvements in their English while helping to change the world." The tutors are fantastic, I have gained more confidence in speaking English and learning something new with every class I take! Another positive in Soulphia is the exchange of experience and the way it contributes to expand the worldview that we have. Each class presents both the students and tutors in relation to the reality of NYC and the Brazilian culture. Much gratitude to all involved in this project!

Norma Ricomine