O Soulphia surgiu para integrar cidadãos mundo afora, através do conhecimento e da inclusão social. Por isso, nossas professoras foram selecionadas em abrigos de NY. São mulheres que estavam desempregadas e que agora estão inseridas no mercado de trabalho: elas ajudam a melhorar o seu inglês enquanto você aprende mais sobre a cultura Nova Iorquina e começa a enxergar o mundo sob uma nova perspectiva. As nossas professoras passam por um rigoroso treinamento e estão plenamente habilitadas para oferecer aulas envolventes, motivadoras e de excelência, como boas nativas da língua inglesa.

Karen Whyte

Place of birth: Kingston, Jamaica

Favorite quote: "By any means necessary!" - Malcom X

Hobbies: Reading and Crocheting

I enjoy going to the  beach and traveling.

Tell me more about you:

I've been living in NYC for three years.

Elayne Pryce

Place of birth: Manhattan, New York and raised in the northern Bronx/ Lower Westchester.  

Favorite Quote:

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."  - Eleanor Roosevelt

Tell me more about you:

Volunteering my time and energy has always been part of my DNA.   I was a Girl Scout as a child and became a troop leader as an adult.   I worked in church soup kitchens prior to becoming homeless. Also, being in engaged political campaigns and causes are of paramount importance.   Also being truly immersed in NYC veteran community is essential to me. Attending church and biblical studies take precedence. My ancillary activities inclusive reading, exercising when I am well, crocheting, playing board game such as Scrabble, visiting museums, going to concerts and just engaging my "inner child'.   

I was part of Desert Shield/Desert Storm operation in the 1990’s. I was a Hospital Corpsman, in the Navy.  I have traveled to San Francisco, Virginia, Colorado, and Florida.

Fun fact: I attended the same high school as Justice Sotomayor.  Go Cardinal Spellman!!!

Kymaleka Devine

Place of Birth: Jamaica Queens, New York, USA.   

Favorite Quote: "I LoveYou,"...GOD!!!

Hobbies & Interest's

I enjoy reading, especially my Bible.    I'm always Singing and Writing ... Charity Work, Music & Arts, Movies, Museums, Photography, & Nature. Great Food, Good People, & Much LOVE!!!    

Tell me more about you:

I've lived in and visited several countries, as well as  several other states within America. HOWEVER, there is no place in the world like MY FAVORITE PLACE  IN THE WORLD, and that place is BROOKLYN USA!!! ...We Fell In Love The First Time We Met, Long Ago;  BROOKLYN & I!!!                       

Along with having taught Conversational English to Japanese Students in Japan, I've also owned and operated a childcare business there. Like many others, my life has had it's ups and downs. ...Surgeries Depression Divorce Brokenness Anger Truth Decisions  Love Rebirth & Restauration!!!

Fun Fact

I AM A MOTHER OF 2, GRANDMOTHER OF 4, & THE GREAT GRAND-DAUGHTER OF MY BELOVED GREAT GRANDMOTHER WHOSE IS STILL LIVING WELL AT THE AGE OF 105 1/2 YEARS OLD!!! WHAAAT??? YES, she was born the same year that the Titanic Sunk,1912. God has blessed my life in ways that HE continues to show me daily.

Maggie Barlow

Place of Birth: Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Favorite quote / Who said that: “She believed she could so she did.” (Unknown)

Hobby or Interest: Crafting, Reading, and Travel.

Tell me more about you: I was raised in an orphanage in Tennessee, moved to New York in 1969, after graduating from high school. Worked as a waitress to support my family, then went back to school for Phlebotomy. Was a Dialysis Technician for 12 years. Earned an Associate's Degree in Medical Services. Fostered special needs babies and kids for 20 years, which was the most rewarding thing I've done in my life.

Fun Fact: I am the youngest child in my family and the first to graduate high school and the only one with a degree.